The European Bars Federation (FBE)

Michele Lucherini. President European Bars Federation

The European Bars Federation / Fédération des Barreaux d’Europe (FBE) was founded in Barcelona on 23 May 1992 as successor to the Conference of Major European Bars.

Its headquarters are in Strasbourg

Membership in the FBE is open to all national and local Bars and to the Law Societies within the Council of Europe.

Today the FBE has 250 members Bars, representing more than 1,000,000 lawyers.

We promote the rule of law, the supremacy of the law, the independence of justice and the right to a fair trial.

We represent the defense of human rights in Europe and in the world.

We act when these principles are threatened in many jurisdictions.

The independence of justice is fundamental for a just society.

The FBE is organized with standing committees and ad hoc commissions. The former are dedicated to universal and basic aspects. The latter are dedicated to contingent or local needs. All commissions work constantly to reach the fixed goal.

The FBE organizes two annual congresses, each time in a different European City.

These events offer unique opportunities to discuss common problems and share information and experiences.

The FBE is committed to providing international specialist legal training, including participation in congresses organized by member bar associations, law societies and other legal entities so as to reach a greater number of recipients.

The Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB)

Mª Eugènia Gay. President Barcelona Bar Association

While the origin of our city Legal Profession´s  dates back to the Middle Ages, the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), as a public bar corporation, was created in 1833.

Since its creation, our corporation has grown to include more than 24,000 members, comprising 16.732 active members as well as 7.283 that do not practice as lawyers, but enjoy certain rights as members of the Bar.

ICAB is a pioneering institution working to defend the legal practice and enhance the image of the legal profession within our society.

ICAB is a professional public corporation possessing its own juridical entity and the full capacity to ensure the fulfillment of its public and private initiatives, according to professional and collegiate standards.

Our principal values are:

  1. The responsibility to uphold our commitments
  2. The development of an efficient agenda
  3. The innovation to achieve excellence

ICAB has been working to offer continuous professional training and development. The Corporation also ensures citizens are granted their right to defense through the Legal Aid and Assistance Scheme.

The Bar is an active member among the most important international legal associations: IBA, UIA, FBE, AIJA, EYBA, OGIM… ICAB has signed more than 50 twinning agreements with Bars across the globe, including Bars from Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Our library is considered one of the best legal libraries in Europe. It has an extensive collection of valuable, old titles, and a veritable bibliographic treasury of manuscripts dating back to the eleventh century.