The General Congress of the FBE in Barcelona aims to address a key issue for our democracies today: The separation of powers, a fundamental aspect of the rule of law.

However, our intention is not to enter the current controversy about whether this separation has been infringed or not, but rather to reflect on the extent to which the system designed by Montesquieu remains valid in a society which has changed significantly in its structure and composition.

We are not talking solely about the consolidation of values such as equality or popular sovereignty, that lived only in the imagination of the enlightenment thinkers in the form of a realizable utopia. Nor do we refer to the development of entrenched democratic systems that have become established as key players in political dialogue, to an extent unthinkable in the eighteenth century.

Rather, we are speaking about a society immersed in an unprecedented transformation as a consequence of the digital revolution, which has substantially altered the ways in which citizens relate to power.

This is the discussion we want to establish, with the awareness that the challenge is not to reach conclusions, but to rethink our own convictions.

For this reason, this congress will bring in changes to the traditional format.

Each of the panels will be introduced by a speaker who has been asked to provide the attendees with more questions than answers.

This invitation will be accepted by representatives of the legal profession as a starting point for a reflection in which the rest of the participants can contribute by sharing their vision.

An open debate between the legal profession and the broader society